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Fightin' Fungi is Ganesha Games' first entry into producing a line of unique, high quality, metal miniatures for use with the Song of Blades and Heroes fantasy skirmish game. This unique race of mushroom men and their fungi inspired creatures and minions not only appeals to miniature collectors, it will definitely be of use in RPGs and other tabletop war-games. Completely back-compatible with other Song Of Blades and Heroes books, Fightin' Fungi will include Reactions (an action system which lets a force interrupt the opponent's turn whenever a foe misses a Quality roll), optional weapon rules to represent flails, long weapons and so on, and a bolt-on spell system which can be used instead of the less detailed magic system of basic Song of Blades and Heroes. Full stats for all figures and a few suggested opponents (invading humans, neighboring wood elves and the ever-present goblinoids) will be provided so new and old gamers can start playing immediately.

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Song of Blades Fightin Fungi Fast Play Fantasy Skirmish Rules FIGHTIN' FUNGI Skirmish Rule Book

  • eBook : 96 full-color pages plus covers in PDF format (available for download)
  • 6x9'" paperback printed book (out of stock)
  • By Andrea Sfiligoi

Retail Price: USD8.00