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Hammer and Forge is a supplement for Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes. In its 80 pages, you will find:

  • Background information and profiles for the dwarves of Kestar Kell: Miners, Pelters, and the dread Thralls of the Lich King.
  • Enemies of the dwarves: goblins, orcs, scimitar monsters, undead dwarves, dragons, and hobgoblins.
  • Dwarven magic: runestones, runic blessings, feral gifts, magic items, and seven new spells.
  • Plenty of new Traits: handguns, arquebuses, duck's foot guns, cannons, arbalests, repeating crossbows, battle giants, ball and chain weapons, and many more.
  • Four scenarios, including a brawl in an alehouse and a feud between dwarven kings.
  • New group actions: Steelwall, Spearwall, Lift the King, Artillery Fire, Drums and Pipes, and Dragon Hunting.
  • Magical beverages and a small dictionary of the dwarven language.

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  • eBook : 80 full-color pages plus covers in PDF format to be sent via email. Includes ink-saving version with no illustrations and no blank pages, for those who want to print at home
  • Book: 6x9 inch full colour paperback printed book
  • By Andrea Sfiligoi

Retail Price: USD8.00